Who is cannibal Stephen Griffiths and where is he now?

STEPHEN Griffiths, who is known as the Crossbow Cannibal, killed at least three women.

Wicked Griffiths showed no remorse when he was caught and confessed that he had killed more than one woman.

Who is Stephen Griffiths?

Stephen Shaun Griffiths was born on Christmas Eve 1969, in Dewsbury, West Riding of Yorkshire.

He would go on to kill three women four decades later.

Griffiths was the eldest child of Moira Dewhirst and Stephen Griffiths (senior).

He and his two siblings lived with their mother after the marriage broke down.


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At the age of 13, his father had saved enough for him to study at a public fee-paying school, but young Griffiths left before A-Levels.

Griffiths moved quickly from shoplifting on to more violent crimes, and by the age of 17 he had attacked a supermarket manager with a knife and jailed for three years.

Five years after this stint in jail he wound up back behind bars, this time for holding a knife to a girl's throat.

Grotesquely, he began studying homicides and murders on a masters degree at Bradford University – his speciality was 19th century murders in Bradford.

His obsession with serial killers turned into action when in June 2009 he murdered his first known victim.



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Who were Stephen Griffiths' victims?

Known sex worker Susan Rushworth was the first victim of Griffiths' bloodlust.

The unsuspecting 43-year-old disappeared when getting off a bus in Bradford at some point around June 2009.

Susan was killed with a cross bow and, according to The Mirror, dismembered her body in the bath.

Her remains have never been found.

Griffiths now had a modus operandi (MO) and would kill his next victim Shelley Armitage the same way, months later.

Shelley was just 31 and also working as a sex worker when she disappeared.

After chopping her body into pieces, the Crossbow Cannibal reportedly used public transport to move bin bags full of her remains to the River Aire.

The monster filmed the butchering of Shelley on his mobile phone, narrating his actions – he then lost this phone on a train, which was eventually handed in to police.

He would be arrested on May 24, 2010, but not before he killed one more victim – Suzanne Blamires, 36.

Griffiths kidnapped Suzanne and held her in his flat for two days before she desperately made a bid for freedom.

She ran out the block of flats, visible on CCTV, and was shot by Griffiths crossbow.

Upon her recapture, Griffiths realised there was now video evidence of his cruel killings so he stuck his middle finger up to the camera while dragging poor Suzanne back inside.

Once again he dismembered and disposed of the body before the police came to arrest him.

A shocked caretaker had seen the CCTV footage and alerted the cops – Griffiths was calmly waiting in the flat for them to arrest him.

He had been on a police watchlist for two years before the murders but they had no evidence to enforce an Anti-Social Behaviour Order.

Where is Stephen Griffiths now?

Upon his arrest he told the police that Suzanne, who he knew as Amber, was "gone".

Griffiths then told officers he had "eaten some of her" which was "part of the magic".

Monstrous Griffiths also told the officers he had "killed loads" of women, however, this claim has never been substantiated.

On December 21, 2010, Griffiths plead guilty to and was convicted of all three murders.

Judge Mr Justice Openshaw told the court: "The circumstances of these murders are so wicked and monstrous they leave me in no doubt the defendant should be kept in prison for the rest of his life."

He was sentenced to a whole life order and is unlikely to ever be freed.

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Griffiths has made several suicide attempts while in prison and in 2019 was attacked by another prisoner at HMP Long Lartin, Worcestershire.

The then 49-year-old was rushed to hospital with large puncture wounds in his chest from a sharpened piece of wood but he survived the attack.

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