Who are David Cicilline's parents?

DAVID Cicilline is one of the impeachment managers in Donald Trump's second impeachment trial.

Cicilline is the US Representative for Rhode Island's 1st congressional district.

Who are David Cicilline's parents?

David Cicilline's parents are Sabra and famous "mob lawyer" John Francis ″Jack″ Cicilline.

Cicilline called his mother his "hero", on a Mother's Day Facebook post in May 2018.

"My mom, Sabra, is my hero. Throughout my life, she has been a source of strength in good times and bad.

"She taught me right from wrong. She instilled in me the importance of service," the US Representative wrote.

"And most of all, she’s always made sure that my four siblings and I knew that we were loved unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!"

What has Cicilline's father said about people calling him a 'mob lawyer'?

Cicilline's father, John Francis "Jack" Cicilline was well known in Rhode Island as a criminal lawyer – a man who built a career by representing reputed organized crime figures.

″I’ve never discouraged people from referring to me as a mob lawyer,″ John F ″Jack″ told the AP in 1990.

″I suppose to some people it’s a sinister connotation, but it’s done me well. Someone has to represent these people.″

John Francis has defended people such as reputed mob boss Raymond J. ″Junior″ Patriarca and Matthew Guglielmetti Jr.

Cicilline said he knows nothing about organized crime.

However, as to the guilt or innocence of his clients and friends, John Francis said, ″I’ve heard what’s said about a lot of my clients. I don’t know if it’s true and it doesn’t bother me even if it is true.″

He said he got involved in representing reputed mobsters as a young lawyer trying to build a practice.

″You’ve got to take little risks,″ John Francis said.

″Risking my reputation is a risk I was willing to take. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy seeing my name in the paper with people who were expected to be seen with the best lawyer money could buy.″

Who is David Cicilline's brother?

David's older brother is John M. Cicilline, also a lawyer who pleaded guilty to shaking down clients accused of drug offenses in 2008.

John served an 18 month prison sentence for his crimes.

In 2014, The state Supreme Court issued an order allowing the older brother to resume his law practice.

The court concluded that those crimes and his ethical slips arose from a “misguided attempt” to win a client a lower sentence for marijuana dealing.

"We believe that the conduct of the petitioner which led to his disbarment was caused by a misguided effort to assist a client who the petitioner believed was facing an unduly harsh punishment under the sentencing guidelines in effect for non-violent marijuana dealers,” the court said at the time.

“The petitioner has paid a heavy price for that error of judgment, and we are confident that he is truly remorseful for his conduct.

"We believe that he has been rehabilitated and can return to the practice of law.”

The court said its decision came after careful review and after John had passed an ethics exam, and completed a lengthy questionnaire.

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