Weightlifter who lost arm in car crash crowned world’s strongest disabled woman

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Becca Slater has come to terms with life-changing injuries to be crowned the world’s strongest disabled woman.

The 26-year-old lost her left forearm and damaged her ankle in a devastating car crash.

But the pharmacy technician refused to be defeated by the injuries that put paid to her love of playing music.

Instead she found a new passion for sport and began training for disabled strongman competitions, making a name for herself within months.

Becca, who can lift an 85kg weight above her head – equivalent to a baby elephant – said: “Before my accident, I was quite sporty but never thought I would compete in these competitions.

“Last September, I won the Britain’s Strongest Disabled Woman title and then in November, I achieved the World’s Strongest Disabled Woman.

“I’ve set three records in total – I lifted the 50kg atlas stone (a solid concrete ball) unaided which broke the 40kg record I set a month earlier.

“I also lifted a 85kg atlas stone with a strap, along with a 125kg deadlift.”

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It was four years ago that Becca’s life changed forever. She said: “I hit black ice on the motorway when I was driving to Preston for a music competition when I played in a brass band.

“I lost control of the vehicle and I was left with a compound fracture in my ankle as well as damaging an artery in my arm.

“They couldn’t save it so I had to have it amputated the next day. I didn’t have a chance to take it in – it was all very overwhelming.

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“After my accident, I was struggling to play music again so I was looking for something new to put my energy into.

“I got more into sports and I posted a weightlifting video online which got the attention of a trainer.

“She told me about strongman competitions and I started training for them in July.

“By November of the same year, I had won the Britain’s Strongest Disabled Woman title.”

Becca, from Liverpool, is keen to show “what can be done when you put your mind to it”.

She added: “You should never let any disability get in the way of doing what you want.

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