‘We want a BIGGER house!’ Romanian family of 17 on £55k in benefits demands more

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    Shameless Mihai Toma and his brood live in a three-bed home after moving to soft-touch Britain two years ago.

    They rake in £2,500 a month in tax credits, £1,400 in housing benefits and £700 in child benefit on top of Mihai’s £1,800-a-month wage as an electrician.

    That adds up to £55,200 a year in handouts – the equivalent of a £90,000 salary – and £21,600 in earnings.

    It means Mihai is making more than many doctors, senior police officers and MPs.

    But the Toma family want even more. They are demanding to be moved to a bigger taxpayer-funded house for their children aged four months to 19.

    And they cannot understand why so many hard-working Brits unable to afford their own homes are angry.

    Mum Veronica, 37, said: “We hope to have more space. We don’t expect 10 bedrooms, but more than three. People will judge us but we have not done bad because we have come here to get a better life than in Romania.

    “Education is good and there are more opportunities here.”

    Housing inspectors say the family’s cramped semi in Stanmore, north London, is one of the worst cases of over-crowding they have seen.

    But in a move that will be welcomed by millions, council chiefs have told them: “You’re not being re-housed by us.”

    The Tomas are among thousands of immigrant families who have flocked to Britain as “welfare tourists”.

    They told letting chiefs they were a family of six to land their three-bed home, which costs £1,700 a month in rent.

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith wants to restrict handouts to migrants.

    Ukip MEP Tim Aker said: “Thanks to our open borders with the EU we cannot control the quality nor the quantity of those coming into Britain. Opening our doors to Romania was an irresponsible decision by the Government.

    “People should have to pay into our system before they get to use our schools and hospitals or can claim social housing.”

    Harrow housing chief Glen Hearnden said they were helping the family look for larger accomodation but they won’t get a council house.

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