Vladimir Putin’s inner circle ‘wants to oust the president’ to end Ukraine war

The inner circle of war mad Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to oust him to end the invasion in Ukraine, reports claim.

According to Russian military blogger Igor Girkin, posting on Telegram, since the failed coup by the Wagner mercenary group last month, Putin has been on rocky ground.

And although the mutiny failed, it caused enough chaos to cause concern about Putin's leadership and claims he must accept defeat in Ukraine.

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He also claimed that the power no longer really lies with Putin's inner circle, either.

Girkin said: “The powers within the ruling mafia are currently being redistributed as, or close to, planned by the conspirators behind the (coup).

“The 'Shoigu-Vorobiev-Sobyanin Tower' has lost some of its positions although not completely demolished, and part of its influence and resources 'flows' into a group of oligarchs.

“This group, vitally interested in ending the war 'on any terms' – will not let us win in any case and will lead the President to realize the need to accept defeat and transfer supreme power to a successor nominated from this group (Kiriyenko? Prigozhin?).

“In the coming months, we should expect new campaigns aimed at 'inoculation'.”

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The chances of Prigozhin taking over could be quite high, despite his current status of being partially exiled and possibly living in Belarus . . . or back in Russia.

Earlier this week expert and journalist Mikhail Rostovsky, writing for Kremlin-backed news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets claimed that Prigozhin is now more important than ever to Putin.

He said: “If Wagner PMC is indispensable for the Russian state, then Evgeny Prigozhin is indispensable for Wagner PMC.

“The heads of official Russian power and law enforcement agencies are easily changed with the help of a single presidential decree.

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“In the case of the structure created by Yevgeny Prigozhin, everything is quite different.

“Wagner is Prigozhin, and Prigozhin is Wagner, and out of conjunction with each other, they simply cannot exist – or, if they can, then with a sharply reduced efficiency.

“Likewise, Wagner cannot exist without Russia and without the Russian state budget.

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