UK’s strictest seaside town banned chippies and ‘freaked out’ over Sainsbury’s

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    A UK seaside town is so dedicated to protecting its old ways that it has outright banned ice cream vans and chippies.

    Frinton-on-Sea, north of the busy tourist spot Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, varies drastically from a typical seaside resort.

    The town has a controversial history of banning businesses including seaside staples on the beachfront like fish and chip shops and ice cream vendors.

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    According to Essex Live, the town did not open its first pub until two decades ago, and residents “freaked out” when a Sainsburys announced plans to open in the town.

    For decades the town only had one fish and chip shop, which opened in 1992. However, rules have since relaxed and the town now has a second – but only a sit-down restaurant.

    To this day, the town council continues to control which businesses are allowed into Frinton.

    According to Pier One's owner Maxine Collins, 52 the different associations and the council are very strict on letting certain companies set up shop in the quaint town.

    A proposed supermarket launch even ruffled some feathers over its bright colours.

    Maxine recalled: "The council freaked out about Sainsbury's because it's got an orange sign. Sainsbury's couldn't come here until they changed their sign."

    The planning documents from 2014 gave the condition: “No development shall be commenced until samples of the roof tiles and bricks (…) have been submitted to and agreed, in writing, by the Local Planning Authority."

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    The reason they give is that it is "in the interests of visual amenity and preserving the character and appearance of the Frinton Conservation Area."

    It means there has been very little change in the town.

    Jon Howell, 53, who runs the MIND charity shop on the high street. He said: "The town is still quite old-fashioned, and I think a lot of effort has gone into keeping it that way."

    He compared it to Clacton, saying that Frinton's appeal is that it's much more 'low key' than its louder neighbour Clacton.

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    Responding to Essex live, Councillor Paul Clifton said: "The planning authorities, Tendring District Council and Essex County Council, invite the Town Council to ‘comment’ on planning applications submitted to them.

    “Frinton & Walton Town Council is a ‘statutory consultee’ for planning applications submitted to the local planning authorities, not the authority making the decision. The Town Council try to ensure that we maintain and keep the characteristics of the town."

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