‘UK’s most dangerous plant’ leaves boy screaming as skin breaks out in blisters

A schoolboy was left screeching in pain because of swollen blisters that grew on his foot after he grazed past Britain’s most dangerous plant while on a trip to the beach with his family.

Jaxon Hallwood’s grandparents believe he was stung by giant hogweed, a tall invasive plant that considered to be one of the most dangerous plant species in Britain.

Jaxon’s grandma, 62-year-old Debra Patten, said she noticed a small white blister appeared on his foot that left the six-year-old screaming in pain while they were out at Leasowe Bay beach in Wirral on Saturday (May 27).

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She toldthe Liverpool Echothat she was so concerned about him because he very rarely cries.

"He's a footballer, an attacker, so he's used to being taken out when he's playing football he just gets back up,” she said.

"He couldn't catch his breath, he was sobbing that hard."

The young boy was unable to walk properly, and was quickly taken to A&E at Arrowe Park Hospital, where doctors were initially “baffled” by his blisters.

Hospital staff, including tenured consultants who had been medical professionals for years, couldn’t figure out what caused the blisters.

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Debra said she initially thought a spider had caused the massive blisters to swell up.

After she took to Facebook to ask members of her community about the injuries, many shared photos of similar injuries and said that they were caused by giant hogweed stings

The sap of the invasive species, which was introduced to Britain in the 19th century, can cause horrific burns on contact with skin, which then blister after being exposed to sunlight.

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Debra shared a stark warning with people looking after children about going to that beach, saying: "Children play in those sand dunes – it's a play area. It's so popular.

"Jaxon said when he came home 'I never want to go to the beach again. He's only six.

"He's got a dressing on his foot. He's more upset that he can't go to football camp this week."

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