Ukrainians share grim footage of pets ‘eating groins’ of dead Russian soldiers

Ukrainian fighters are continuing to share gruesome footage of pets feasting on the dead bodies of Russian soldiers.

The clips come from the infamous Cargo 200 Telegram channel, where Ukrainians routinely post gory images of Russian invaders to strike fear into their enemies' hearts.

Cargo 200 is a reference to the military code word used in the Soviet Union and the post-Soviet states referring to the transportation of military fatalities.

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In one of the latest uploads, a scrawny black and white cat is seen gnawing at what appears to be the foot of a corpse.

"But the animals don't starve," was the caption.

Another image titled "A Snack" showed a black and brown dog gorging on the neck of another body.

Reacting in the comments section, one person wrote: "Ugh. How can you eat this."

Another wrote: "How do dogs not mind [eating] this?"

In the latest video shared on the Telegram Channel, what appears to be a German Shepherd is seen tearing away at the groin area of a dead soldier.

A chicken is also visible in the background, picking at pieces on the floor.

The caption read: "Orcs [a term used for Russian invaders by Ukrainians] serve well as animal feed, but could sit at home with their female, drink beer and enjoy the f***."

One person said in the comments: "It's a pity for the animals that they have to eat this c*** because of hunger."

Others expressed concerns that a number of animals in Ukraine now appear to be developing a taste for human flesh.

One said: "Oh oh, after all the turmoil, you will have to deploy a special operation to destroy cannibal dogs."

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Another wrote: "In general, such dogs should be exterminated already. They've already tasted human flesh. Not good."

The videos came after others depicting cats and dogs feasting corpses, and another allegedly showing a group of pigs going at the dead body of a Russian Army captain.


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