Ukrainian fighter pilot dressed as Santa fires two missiles at Russian target

A Ukrainian fighter pilot dressed as Santa Claus was responsible for the firing of two colossal missiles focused against Russian targets.

It was Ukraine’s defense who posted the video which surprisingly showed a festive fighter pilot wearing a Father Christmas hat while he fired two AGM-88 HARM air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles.

Posted on Instagram, a caption appeared alongside the video which read: “A Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 makes a standoff SEAD strike with a pair of US-integrated AGM-88 HARM air-to-surface anti-radiation missiles.”

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The video proved popular, so far achieving over 20,000 likes as well as over 300,000 views on Instagram, with many of the users in the comments seeing the funny side to the otherwise sinister video.

One user commented: “Be 100% accurate on the targets this year and wish you to defeat the enemy and ruin it asap.”

A second wrote: “Bless Santa for dropping some Presents on the Russians", while a third said: “Get Santa some F-16s, please".

With the war between Ukraine and Russia approaching a year next month, casualties on both sides have been considerable, including those of some Brits who decided to make the brave choice of fighting for Ukraine.

Shareef Amin, a British ex-soldier, made the move to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin and his troops and after being injured, he spent three months in hospital after having shrapnel in all four limbs, punctures in both lungs, on top of other injuries.

His life was saved by a man he called 'Professor' whose body was laid on top of Amin when a Russian shelling bombardment occurred.

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Amin spoke to The Sun about the reconstructive surgery he's going to have to undergo as well as his experience in the harrowing war.

He said: “The surgeons are going all out. I’ll go from Rambo to Robocop. They’re going to rebuild one of my thumbs out of one of my toes, and remove an artery from a leg to replace one under my forearm.

“I was in a shallow trench with my friend, a Ukrainian who we called Professor, helmet to helmet, hand in hand, as the artillery rounds just kept coming.

“The next thing I know I hear this almighty thud. It felt like someone had dragged me underground. I just saw red."


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