Ukrainian family of 9 face being kicked out of UK home by host after a month

A Ukrainian family of nine are facing being kicked out of their home by their host after just over a month of being in Britain.

The refugees, who had fled their war-torn country for a safer life, arrived in the UK from Kyiv with their five children and elderly mums back in May.

However, Maxim and Olga Hyryk have now been served with a 'notice to quit' letter from a solicitor acting for their hosts, just a month-and-a-half after setting up a new life in the two-bedroom bungalow in Fareham, Hampshire.

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Heartbroken, Maxim, 36, told The Sun that they arrived in the country with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and as much as they could cram into a rucksack.

Project manager Olga said her scared family fled in their car when the Russians started bombing Kiev, adding that it took them nine days to get to Poland as they had to stop driving during the curfew.

"Everyone has been so incredibly friendly right from the start, we've been made to feel so welcome here," she said.

"England is full of good people and everybody we've met or who has helped us since we've been here has been very kind."

She added: "After the trauma of driving through a warzone with our children and elderly parents, we just want a bit of normality after everything that's happened."

After spending two months staying in the Eastern European country, they secured a spacious two bedroom bungalow to live in – next-door to their hosts – on the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

Maxim and Olga moved in with their mums Olena, 60, Hanna, 69, twins Maksym and David, 7, Amiran and Tamerlane, 2, and daughter Nikol, 1 on May 11.

Guidance for the 'Homes for Ukraine Scheme' says hosts are committed to providing refugees residence for a minimum of 6 months with an option of continuing beyond that period, but they must be provided with two months' notice if their residency is to end.

However, if a host wants to end the sponsorship arrangement early, they are advised to inform the local council as soon as possible.

Devastatingly, on June 1 Maxim says he was told by Hampshire County Council that he and his family had to move out.

The same day their internet access was shut off and on June 15, Maxim received a legal letter from their landlord's solicitor telling them they would have to leave the house in less than three weeks on July 15.

Maxim said they had been given no reason for the notice, adding that the upheaval will be very disruptive for the elderly parents and children, one of whom has autism.

"Being told we have to leave was awful," he said.

"At first, the landlord was very helpful and helped us get set up with some of the local services, while other friends have helped with schools and the doctor."

He added: "Things were going really well and they were so helpful to Olga and I. Everyone has been so kind and helpful to us and it was just starting to feel like home.

"We fled a warzone with very young children and our elderly parents. My mother has dementia and diabetes and other disabilities."

The couple are now fundraising to find alternative accommodation.

However, Maxim said they are struggling to find accommodation for nine.

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A spokesman for Hampshire County Council said: “The national guidance relating to the Homes for Ukraine scheme outlines the desire for sponsors to be able to provide accommodation for six months or more, to give time for individuals and families to find their feet and integrate into life in the UK.

"Most arrangements appear to be working well but occasionally hosts or guests may wish to end the sponsorship arrangement.

"In those situations, they are asked to contact the local authority as quickly as possible so that support can be provided to either rematch or identify independent accommodation.

"The County Council and Fareham Borough Council, the local housing authority, are aware of this case and are working together to ensure support is in place."


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