Two-year-old's hilarious reaction when his mother reveals new haircut

‘You’re a hot mama!’ Two-year-old’s hilarious reaction when his mother reveals her new haircut

  • Britnee Kent, 24, films herself as she walks into her home with new haircut
  • Her two-year-old Krew runs towards his mother and calls her a ‘hot mama’ 
  • Mother walks towards her husband Connor, 27, who calls her ‘beautiful’  

This is the comical moment a toddler was unable to contain his excitement when he noticed his mother’s new haircut and called her a ‘hot mama’.

Britnee Kent, 24, from Oahu, Hawaii, had not cut her hair in nearly two years when she decided it was time for a change.

The mother-of-two snuck out to the hairdressers intending to surprise her husband Connor, 27, with her new look but it was her two-year-old son Krew who stole the show when she returned home.

Two-year-old Krew runs to his mother Britnee Kent, 24, from Oahu, Hawaii , and calls her a ‘hot mama’ after spotting her new haircut

The toddler cannot contain his excitement as he compliments his mother’s hair

Footage, which was filmed on November 22, shows Krew excitedly run towards his mother as she steps into the house.  

Before Britnee can get to her husband the toddler immediately shouts: ‘You’re a hot mama, I see your hair!’ 

The mother-of-two then approaches her husband, who is sat on the sofa with the couple’s five-month-old son Banks, to reveal her new haircut as he tells her: ‘You look so good! You look beautiful.’

Krew soon rushes to his mother and offers her a hug as Connor continues to stare at his wife’s new look.

Britnee described her two-year-old as the ‘most energetic little boy’ and her ‘biggest hype man’. Pictured from left to right: Connor, Krew, Banks and Britnee Kent

Husband Connor, 27, stares at his wife and calls her ‘beautiful’ as she reveals her new haircut to him

Britnee said: ‘It was the funniest thing because I actually came home intending to film my husband’s reaction.

‘When I arrived Krew was right by the door and he just came out with it! Toddlers say the purest things and it made me feel so good.

‘Connor calls me that all the time so that must have been where he got it from – he is my biggest hype man.

‘He really is the sweetest and most energetic little boy and I just feel lucky to be his mom!’

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