Topless XR protester wants to be ‘anti-Molly-Mae Hague’ on Love Island

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A topless Extinction Rebellion protestor has applied to be on this summer’s Love Island in a bid to be “anti-Molly-Mae Hague”.

Laura Amherst, 32, is well known for her methods in raising awareness for climate change, often bearing her breasts and even stripping outside of Downing Street.

The OnlyFans model, who has been a vegan for seven years, is recently single.

In a bid to hit two birds with one stone, the mum-of-one has revealed that she has applied for ITV's hit show in the hopes of finding love and educating people on the impacts of fast fashion at the same time.

Many of the former contestants sign big deals with fast fashion brands following the show, including Molly-Mae Hague, 22, who is creative director at Pretty Little Thing and today apologised for "tone-deaf" comments on wealth equality.

Laura said: "In light of Molly-Mae saying all these things she's been saying, I thought about going on Love Island so that I can spread awareness about the climate crisis.

"I think our society needs role models on TV that are actually fighting for something and not just the typical influencer that sells clothes and promotes a very environmentally-unconscious and uncaring life.

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"So, I have submitted an application to be on it to find love and hopefully increase my platform at the same time.

"I haven't heard back yet but I feel like they probably wouldn’t have me on there as I’d be too controversial.

"We must stress that many top scientists predict 2020 was the point of no return and we are really not moving quick enough as a nation or world. So I think Britain must lead the way.

"I’m sorry if people think I’m weird, desperate or attention-seeking, but at this point, with the little power I have as a normal, not rich, working-class girl with a young child, I’m just doing whatever I can to help.

“I’m not hating on them [the influencers] and they can choose what they want to do, they have every right to be happy, secure and at peace.

"But I’m just tired of the people with the same interests getting in popular culture and having all the influence.

"Our nation really needs some different personalities that can help make a difference."

As for the romance side of things, Laura isn't keen on a "muscly boxer for a boyfriend" – referring to Molly-Mae's boyfriend, Tommy Fury – but would rather have "a fighter for social justice".

Any of Laura's prospective lovers would also need to adopt a plant-based lifestyle as she claims that people eating meat upsets her.

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