Terrorist who massacred 13 people sends Taliban ‘we won’ message from Death Row

A US Army major turned terrorist who shot dead 13 people at a military base in Texas has congratulated the Taliban from his cell on death row.

Army psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas in November 2009, killing 13 people and wounding 31 others.

In August 2013 a military jury deliberated for just two hours before deciding that Hasan, 39, should face the death penalty.

From his cell, in a statement provided to Fox News by his attorney, retired Army Col. John Galligan, he also expressed joy at US President Joe Biden's "willingness to engage" with the extremist group.

'We Have Won!!!' wrote Hasan, now 51. "All-Praises be to All-Mighty Allah! Congratulations on your victory over those who hate for the Laws of All-Mighty God to be supreme on the land."

He said the reason for his rampage was that he wanted to protect the Taliban from troops that were about to deploy to Afghanistan.

Hasan, who is paralysed from the waist down after being shot by a police officer at Fort Hood, reacted to news that the US could consider working with a Taliban-led government, under certain conditions.

His attorney said: "I believe he is pleased to see that the Biden Administration is now seemingly willing to engage with the Taliban as de facto government in Afghanistan."

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This comes after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki left the door open for a possible recognition of the de facto government.

"There's no rush to recognition, and that will be planned dependent on what steps the Taliban takes," she said Tuesday.

"The world will be watching whether they allow for American citizens, whether they allow individuals to leave who want to, and how they treat women and girls around the country."

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"The letter from my client Major Nidal Hasan does not come as any surprise – it reflects the deeply held convictions he has for his Islamic faith and his perceived value of Sharia Law," Galligan told Fox News in a statement on Wednesday.

His client wrote on that subject: "I pray to Allah that He helps you implement Shariah Law fully, correctly, and fairly."

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"We must learn from the nations of the past and not let our wretchedness overcome us thus earning His (God's) wrath," Hasan continued. "It is to All-Mighty God we give thanks!"

Sharia Law refers to rules that govern Muslim life, the Taliban's implementation of these rules is hardline and brutal and includes archaic blocks on women's freedom in particular.

Galligan, who is also a former military judge at Fort Hood, added his own swipe at Biden, quipping that the President has changed his opinion on the Taliban, whilst his client has not.

"While Major Hasan has not changed his opinions about the Taliban, it would appear President Biden has done a complete about-face," Galligan said.

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