Terrifying moment python tries to eat pet dog and ends up swallowing its blanket

An incredible video shows a python regurgitating a blanket it swallowed whole after mistaking it for the family's dog.

In a TikTok video, Stuart McKenzie from @sunnycoastsnakecatchers in Brisbane, Australia, has been called in to deal with the stricken snake which is curled up in the dog's bed and struggling with its unappetising meal.

Stuart explains the animal is a wild carpet python and after entering the family's home it has become confused by the scent of their dog.

He says: "Obviously there are a lot of scents and stuff going on with the dog lying on the bed and this blanket.

"Apparently the snake has come in, used its tongue to pick up scent particles in the air, and this feels like a mammal of some sort," he says as it touches the rest of the blanket.

Stuart believes the snake has grabbed the blanket and squeezed it and then tried to swallow it all whole.

"Hopefully it will regurgitate it and there were won't be any drama," he says.

Stuart then films a close-up of the snake retching the blanket back up through its mouth, making him gasp when it retracts its bendy jaws fully open.

The video was watched more than 3 million times since it was uploaded on August 10 and received more than 200,000 likes.

One woman commented: "Aww the snake looks a bit embarrassed when he's regurgitating it."

A second user wrote: "I don't think Australians realise how scary Australia is."

Fearing for the welfare of the pet pooch, another person said: "I saw the dog bed and was like oh nooo but it's a blanket, poor snake."

"Lucky the dog wasn't in its blanket at the time," wrote a fourth.

Someone else joked: "I usually don't send food back but the texture of this dog is all wrong."

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