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THIS is the terrifying moment an enormous 20ft great white shark emerged from beneath a boat as it feasted on its prey.

The heart-pounding footage was filmed near Guadalupe, an island off Mexico's west coast where the apex predators abound.

The clip showed a fisherman standing on the stern of a boat as he pulled in a line hoping to hook a big tuna for dinner.

Seconds later, a gigantic shark propels from the depths of the dark blue ocean and breaks the surface.

Its huge jaws latch onto the fish as its tank-like body reveals itself to the fishing crew.

The men can be heard screaming in fear and awe as the shark's white belly shows and blood seeps out of the tuna's head.


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The beast is then seen thrashing around before it disappears with its meal.

The clip recently went viral on social media but was actually filmed in October 2016.

It was captured during a joint scientific research mission between Stanford neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and Hollywood photographer Michael Muller.

The pair were studying "fear" that surrounds sharks as Muller hoped to create a virtual reality experience for viewers with his footage.

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During the trip the men reportedly went down almost 100ft in cages where they were met with schools of great whites that were up to 20ft long.

Michael said via his Instagram: "This is such a great visual example of survival of the fittest and how nature will always trump us.

"We think we got life by the line, on the hook and just as we start to celebrate our greatness nature comes in and smacks us back down to size.

"Respect nature, take care of this planet we only have one."

It comes as a diver a managed to escape unscathed from the jaws of a great white shark in the same area in 2021.

Terrifying photos also showed a monster 20ft shark dwarfing a research cage as it swam through a spool of shimmering mackerel.

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