Terrified bloke spots ‘well-built wolf with long snout’ in British woods

A bloke couldn’t believe his eyes after he spotted a wild wolf roaming around woods in Gloucestershire.

Chris Howard, who says he was just 15 metres away from the beast, was walking his dog at around 8.30pm before his encounter and now wants to warn others to be careful.

He told Gloucestershire Live: “What I saw was one million per cent a wolf. It had a long snout, big head and was well built from its neck to its rear end.

“It was not malnourished put it that way, it looked very healthy. Its hair around its neck was long and the eyes were white. After it looked at me, it put his nose to the floor and walked off in proud way with a spring in its step.

“When it had turned I saw its tail which was shorter than I had expected but curled and bushy. I love Huskies and I know for certain it was not one of those – it was a wolf.”

The woods are home to a variety of rare wildlife, including wild boar.

Last year, someone else in the area said they’d spotted a wolf eating a dead deer.

Despite being left petrified by the creature, Chris has admitted he feels very lucky to have seen it in person.

He added: “I never thought I would ever experience this lone wolf. I love wildlife and it was such a privilege to see.

“I am not ashamed to say when I walked home I stepped backwards every pace till I got there.

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“The wolf was big, bigger than a Alsatian and was between knee and hip height and as I say, well built.

“Yes it was dark and I wish I could have seen the wolf clearer.

“The colouring of it had flecks and brown and black. Its ears were black and the face was grey.”

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