Teen lovers joked about ‘murdering somebody’ days after ‘stabbing dad to death’

Two teenage lovers recorded themselves joking about 'murdering somebody' days before cops arrested them.

The star-crossed teens, accused of killing one of their dad's by knifing him to death, were laughing in the clip.

Sierra Halseth, 16, and Aaron Guerrero, 18, were arrested by police four days after the body of Daniel Halseth, 45, was found.

Police say they discovered he had been stabbed, stuffed in a sleeping bag and badly burned in the garage of his Las Vegas home on April 9.

The teenage couple were then arrested in Salt Lake City on April 13, days after the gruesome discovery of Sierra's dead father.

Cops also discovered a video on a mobile phone where the couple joked about "murdering somebody", reports Fox News.

"Welcome back to our YouTube channel: day three after murdering somebody," Guerrero says in the video.

"Whoa, don't put that on camera," Sierra replies while laughing.

"It was worth it," Guerrero says while smiling as he pretends to choke his girlfriend.

At the crime scene, officers found various knives and saws with blood and tissue attached to them with the prosecutor claiming that the pair tried to cut up Daniel Halseth's body.

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The court was also shown video evidence from Home Depot and WinCo that allegedly show Halseth carrying bottles of bleach and Guerrero with a circular saw and lighter fluid.

According to court transcripts obtained by People, Las Vegas detective told the jury there was a "very strong odour of lighter fluid" when he arrived.

Reports claimed the teenage couple had been told by both their parents that they were not allowed to see each other after threatening to run away together.

They dated between June and December, according to a police report, and their families wanted them to break up.

Under state law 18-year-old Aaron Guerrero could face the death penalty while Sierra Halseth is too young.

The pair were charged with conspiracy, arson, robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card, as well as murder.

The video the teens appear in was never uploaded online, reports state.

They are being held without bail.

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