Teen girl who escaped ‘House of Horrors’ has unrecognisable life five years on

A girl who escaped a ‘house of horrors’ five years ago is now a huge social media influencer with one million followers.

Jordan Turpin was 17 when she bravely fled her family home and called the police – the first time she had ever spoken to someone over the phone.

The teen and her 12 siblings had spent their lives being beaten, tortured and starved by their evil parents David and Louise who refused to let them go to school.

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Terrified, she told a dispatcher on January 4, 2018: “They hit us. They like to throw us across the room. They pull out our hair.

“My two little sisters right now are changed up.”

Trembling, she added: ”I can’t breathe because of how dirty the house is.”

But Jordan’s life is now unrecognisable and she lives in a Los Angeles apartment and has modelled for Elle magazine.

She also has an army of social media followers and her TikTok bio reads: “I love helping others. Love to dance and write songs.”

And speaking to Today.com earlier this year she described how she used to make up songs to distract her scared siblings.

As for what life is like as an influencer, she added: “Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. I just feel blessed to be free and to be able to try new things.”

A recent TikTok video saw her dancing along to a Jason Derulo song and the feel good post was flooded with kind comments.

One follower replied: ”It’s great to see you smile and be happy you deserve it.”

Another added: “So proud of you Jordan.”

A third said: “Love you Jordan, you’re such a brave, beautiful and courageous girl.”

And a fourth message read: “Beautiful young lady. You have touched American hearts.”

And another supporter wrote: “I hope you are happy now. You deserved better. Enjoy life as much as you can, you are strong.”

Meanwhile, her despicable parents are languishing in prison after receiving life sentences for various torture, child abuse and false imprisonment charges.

The deranged couple, who can’t go for parole until after 2043, were Pentecostal Christians who produced as many kids as possible because they thought it was God's wish.

Each child was given one meal a day and Jordan once told ABC how she sometimes fed on just ketchup or mustard.

David regularly beat his children until he saw blood and punishments included being thrown down the stairs.

And he used to tell Jordan she was the devil to justify his abhorrent actions.

The malnourished and pale kids were banned from going outside or from using the bathroom and the youngsters were forced to smear faeces on the floor.

Jordan's mother was also unimaginably cruel and she once choked her daughter for secretly watching Justin Bieber on her phone.

She remembered: “I thought I was going to die that day. After that whole day happened, I kept having nightmares that she was going to kill me.”

And the smelly squalor in Fort Worth, Texas was often filled with dead pets and rotting trash and cops were horrified when they entered the sickening scene.

The only reason they were there was because of the astonishing courage of Jordan who climbed out of a window in the early hours to make the emergency call.

Despite being rescued, Jordan and five of her siblings were placed in the foster care system where they described being abused all over again.

She told People Magazine: "I'm not ready to go into details about what happened to me in that home. I was very traumatised, and it's been a very scary journey.

"It was really hard to understand the first situation [with my parents]. Then going into another, that was just really, really hard. You have all these questions and you just don't get the answer."

Thankfully Jordan is now living in a new home where the colourful walls are filled with motivational quotes.

Her siblings are also safe and they often stay over to visit Jordan who was working in Taco Bell before her social media rise.

She is now dedicating her life to being a role model and her ambition is to become a motivational speaker.

And after reaching a million followers, Jordan, who has 240,000 Instagram followers, wrote on TikTok: “Hey guys thank you to all my fans for all the love and support you give me every day. I'm so thankful for each and everyone of you.

“I love you guys, this made my day. I hope everyone has a blessed day!”

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