Teacher sacked over racy pics says she ‘failed family’ as it ‘ruined my life’

A former teacher who was fired by a school following her racy content being exposed has admitted she “failed” her family.

Sarah Juree, 40, taught children science as part of Starbase – a collaboration between schools and the US Defence Department.

However, to ensure financial stability for her family, the Indiana-based mum began a career creating racy content on a subscription site.

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Her saucy side-hustle would later be rumbled as a local blogger exposed her.

News of Sarah’s sacking made headlines around the world as she embraced her new found fame with a series of interviews and podcast appearance.

Despite international media appearances, Sarah has recently admitted the whole incident has been tough on her “mental health” and admitted she has “failed my family”.

She also revealed that she believed selling racy pics would be the “saviour” but admitted to be struggling financially.

In an interview with Yahoo, Sarah said: “I got just enough media attention to ruin my life but not enough to help me actually benefit from the situation. You read all of these stories about women making fortunes, but they’re already famous or have a large following on social media.

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“I think being a single mom ruined my life. If I couldn’t support my family with my college degree, then I’ve failed my family. I wanted OnlyFans to be my saviour but it didn’t pan out like that. It’s been hard on my mental health.”

After Sarah was fired, she embraced the teacher role online by helping to fulfil fans fans school fantasies and even made report card d**k ratings.

She also reached out to other teachers who lost their jobs due to having a racy content subscription page, including Ava James.

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Sarah also organised a fundraising campaign to take legal action against the school over her “unfair” firing.

Back in June, Sarah launched a bid to raise $10,000 (£8,000) towards her legal fee.

However, the fundraising campaign got off to a slow start with her only initially raising $20 (£16).

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