‘Taliban’ forces dubbed ‘radical’ patrolling streets on rollerblades with AK-47s

Suspected Taliban members have been dubbed “radical” after appearing in footage showing them on rollerblades.

Astonishing footage of the unusual patrol method was posted on the social media platform X, previously referred to as Twitter, which showed the armed men initially holding on to the side of a truck. Moving at a good pace, the truck approaches heavier traffic, before the men on the rollerblades let go. It is not clear whether they are soldiers or security personnel.

As the truck slows, they speed up and scythe through the traffic, their slimmer silhouette perfect for nipping through gaps unreachable by car. The troops are armed with AK-47-style rifles and seemingly very comfortable on the rollerblades, with multiple troops hanging off the vehicle at a time.

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The footage was shared by the account Popular Front, which claims to share conflict clips from around the world, with the caption: “Footage has emerged showing what appears to be Taliban security forces patrolling the streets of Kabul on rollerblades.”

The footage has not been able to be verified. Whether or not the footage is real remains to be seen, but that hasn’t stopped a number of people taking to the comments section and reposting to make jokes about the unusual sights.

“Radical Islam,” one person said.

“Keeping people inline,” said another.

The footage was originally posted in a 22-minute-long clip by a person who describes themselves as a Kabul-based YouTuber. The alleged Taliban members appear to be enjoying what they are doing, despite the rollerblading appearing to be part of their official duties. A number of the personnel on the trucks are filming as they watch the skaters cruise along the road.

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