Sunak told he can stop children changing gender without law change

Rishi Sunak is told he CAN stop children changing their gender identity without having to change the law after the Prime Minister backed away from creating new legislation to ban ‘social transitioning’ in schools

  •  Tory backbenchers point to schools’ legal obligation to recognise biological sex

Tory MPs have told Rishi Sunak he can stop schoolchildren changing their gender identity without having to pass a new law.

The Prime Minister is believed to be backing away from the idea of creating legislation that would ban so-called social transitioning in schools, to prevent pupils adopting new names, pronouns and uniforms.

But yesterday, as No 10 insisted it is still considering its options, Tory backbenchers said no such law was needed and urged Mr Sunak to take action immediately through long-awaited guidance for headteachers.

Miriam Cates wrote online that ‘we should not need to change the law to produce such guidance’, adding: ‘In fact, schools are legally obliged to recognise and record biological sex, which is essential for safeguarding.

‘This is… about whether the State, through schools, should be able to promote a contested ideology that harms and lies to kids.’

Rishi Sunak has been told by MPs that he can stop schoolchildren changing gender without having to introduce new legislation

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital have been discouraged from using certain terms to address staff, in favour of gender-neutral words such as ‘team’ or ‘everyone’

Nick Fletcher said it is ‘mischief-making’ to suggest we need new laws ‘to safeguard children at school and ground them in reality’.

No 10 said the plan was still being worked on. The PM’s spokesman said: ‘No decisions have been taken. So I’m not going to get into speculation around work around this guidance.’ Asked when guidance will be issued, the official replied: ‘More information is needed about the long-term implications of a child acting as though they are the opposite sex.’

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital are being discouraged from addressing staff as ‘boys’, ‘girls’, ‘ladies’, ‘gents’ and ‘dudes’, it was reported last night. 

Guidance on its intranet site urges staff to use gender-neutral terms such as ‘team’ or ‘everyone’.

The Telegraph reported that doctors are also being warned that misgendering a colleague could be considered ‘harassment’.

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