Suez Canal crisis sparks hilarious memes as two men & tiny digger try to unblock ‘mega’ ship bigger than Eiffel Tower

THE blocking of the Suez Canal by a giant ship has inspired a wave of hilarious memes.

Two men in a tiny digger trying to free a ship bigger than the Eiffel Tower has inspired social media users – as has Austin Powers and Jose Mourinho’s tactics.

The 200,000 ton Ever Given remains lodged in the waterway, which is one of the world’s trade routes, and it’s feared the container ship could be stuck there for weeks.

Tugs are trying to pull the vessel free with the help of a digger pulling up sand around the ships bow, which is wedged into the side of the canal.

The spectacle of the digger dwarfed by the ship carrying out a seemingly unsurmountable job is the inspiration for many of the memes.

“Me dutifully chipping away at my tasks,” reads one tweet, with a picture of the tiny digger highlighted beside the huge ship.

An early meme was the Austin Powers trying to perform U-turn in a narrow passageway but with the ship superimposed on the spy.

Gary Lineker got in on the act as well tweeting “Breaking: Mourinho signs Evergreen” in a jibe at the  Spurs’ managers reputation for negative tactics.

There was plenty darkly humourous references to the pandemic with the ship, of course, taking on the role of Covid.

One tweet saw “My anxiety from all the death and Covid” written on the side of the ship with “mindfulness” by the digger.

For one social media user the Ever Given is the “Giant container ship of apathy” with them as the digger chipping away at the side in a David and Goliath battle.

The ship itself seems to have a sense of humour,taking quite the racy route across the Red Sea – drawing a giant penis before it got lodged.

Meanwhile in the real world, attempts to re-float what has been described as a “beached whale” continue.

The blockage has caused a pile-up of at least 150 ships attempting to enter the narrow channel, which divides Africa from the Sinai Peninsula in Northern Egypt.

A gale-force sandstorm, a common occurrence in the country's Sinai desert at this time of year, blotted out light and limited the captain's ability to see.


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