Stunning images of Mars livestreamed for first time as fans amazed by Red Planet

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    New images of Mars have been released showing the Red Planet on a Youtube live stream for the first time.

    The remarkable footage comes via the latest efforts from the European Space Agency.

    Every 50 seconds new footage is sent down to a received here on Earth with weeks of work understood to have gone into ensuring the camera had the ability to stream 60 minutes of footage.

    The astonishing new footage comes from the remarkable Mars Express, which is fitted out with a device called a Visual Monitoring Camera.

    The Mars Express is currently rolling over the planet and beaming the footage back to headquarters.

    Pictures of Mars in the past have come via orbiters and landers, so the new, faster arrival of images could be a big leap forward.

    However, members of the team appreciate there is no guarantee this will work.

    ESA Spacecraft Operations Manager James Godfrey said: "This is an old camera, originally planned for engineering purposes, at a distance of almost three million kilometres from Earth.

    "This hasn’t been tried before and to be honest, we’re not 100 per cent certain it’ll work.

    "But I’m pretty optimistic. Normally, we see images from Mars and know that they were taken days before.

    "I’m excited to see Mars as it is now – as close to a martian “now” as we can possibly get!"

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