Stunning cop posts skimpy pics online as people beg her to ‘arrest them’

A stunning police officer has notched up more than a million Instagram followers by posting pics of herself in uniform and bikinis.

Colombian Gina Alexandra Pinzon Narvaez is a National Police Patrol Officer and has more than 1.2 million followers in total on the social media channel.

And some of her fans have commented that if they were fined by her they’d refuse to pay so they could be arrested by the beauty.

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Gina, 28, from Cali, says although she is proud of her appearance it is her personality and determination to do the job that wins her followers.

As a result of her popularity on the platform she was appointed a 'digital ambassador' to encourage tourism and culture in her area – and she is also allowed to sell beauty products to make extra cash.

When on the job Gina posts images in uniform on typical assignments such as crowd control and a football match.

But it’s her bikini posts that attract hundreds of comments – a recent video upload really getting her fans talking.

Her other social media accounts show off her work as a personal trainer and dancing skills.

Not all workplaces are as understanding about skimpy pics posted online.

Recently an Air Force high flyer has quit her military career in favour of posing provocatively online.

Kimberly Villalobos Zuniga, 26, resigned from her job in the Chilean Air Force after being told that her posts were lowering the reputation of the service.

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Kimberly, 26, explained: "They started throwing sanctions at me for nothing.

"For example, I knew that they were reviewing my profile.

“I did not upload anything related to the military, no weapons either, nor any aerial material, because the regulations only say that.

"But I felt that it still bothered them that I showed my bum in a story, or if I was in a bikini, or that I had lots of followers."

Now she’s ditched her military career Kimberly feels freer to express herself.

She said: "They don't let you upload videos, as you supposedly have to have an impeccable image, but if I want to show my body because I feel comfortable and I feel beautiful, it no longer has anything to do with them.

"It shouldn't bother them, but I felt that it did."

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