Steamy vid chat ends in OnlyFans star spotting randy bloke has testicular cancer

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A heroic OnlyFans star saved one of her loyal subscriber's lives after she noticed one of his testicles were swollen during an intimate video call.

Belle Grace, who quit her job as a carer for children and adults on the autism spectrum, now makes £50k a month on the adult platform.

The Brit said she has a two-year long subscriber who she often video calls, with the conversations sometimes becoming intimate.

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“This specific subscriber seeks my time, attention, and conversation,” she told Your Tango.

“Our cam dates serve mostly to keep him company but they also can venture into sexual video interaction from me.”

She then clocked that one of his testicles was four times larger than the other, and encouraged him to seek medical attention.

“I noticed one testicle [was] approx. 4X larger than the other and asked him if it’s always been that big, [to] which he replied ‘yes he’s always had one much bigger than the other,’” she said.

“He said it didn’t hurt, never had any issues with it, one just was always much larger.

"Initially, he put it off for a while until I kept asking him if he'd booked the appointment."

It turned out the size of his testicle was due to cancer, and despite not being medically trained, Belle knows "when something doesn’t quite look right."

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She explained: “While most of my experience deals with autistic individuals rather than cancer patients, there are moments when you just know something doesn’t quite look right or feel right and I had to say something."

Her client is waiting for results that will tell him whether or not the cancer spread to other parts of his body.


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