‘Six people dead’ and several injured after two trains crash and fire breaks out

At least six people are said to have tragically died after two trains collided with dozens more injured following the horrific incident.

Witnesses at the scene of the crash near Tempe in Greece described seeing a fiery blaze on one of the trains that were involved in the collision.

A large emergency response is underway as some passengers are thought to have been left trapped.

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One image showed one train completely on its side with footage posted on social media showing one carriage being completely engulfed in flames.

As of 12.50am local time (11.50pm UK time), 50 people have been reported injured with 20 of the cases thought to be serious as children are thought to be among the injured.

It's been a huge response by the emergency services with firefighters continuing the search of carriages to look for victims.

According to the Apotypomata newspaper, 30 ambulances have been used to transport dozens of injured people to nearby hospitals.

Alongside the ambulances, members of the police and armed forces are also at the scene with military hospitals in both Athens and Thessaloniki being put on alert for more potential incomings of the wounded.

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Greece's Minister of Health, Thanos Pleuris, is making his way to various hospitals which are taking in victims while the Secretary General of the Ministry of Transport, Giannis Xifaras, is to visit the scene of the crash.

While it's not yet known how the collision occurred, there have been initial reports suggesting that the two trains involved in the incident were travelling along the same track at high speeds.

According to the national newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton, they say that 350 people were on board the intercity passenger service when it came into contact with a freight train.


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