Singer who received oral sex on stage gives away her clothes in street to crowds

The controversial singer, who was filmed receiving oral sex while on stage, was spotted being crowded by fans as she gave away her clothes in the middle of a street.

Brazilian starlet MC Pipokinha was seen with a friend, Belle Belinha, giving away clothes in the Liberdade neighbourhood of São Paulo, Brazil.

According to Brazilian media outlet Popline, the starlet, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, was giving away clothes for the benefit of trans and non-binary people in the neighbourhood.

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She and her friend, also a musician, were filmed handing out the garments, with Doroth being heard saying: “We brought clothes to donate to trans girls. The girls can come forward. Non-binary goes! It's all love, I love it!”

This isn’t the first time she’s been mobbed by adoring fans.

In late April, she was seen being crowded by swathes of her fans as she played music in the middle of a street,the Daily Star reported.

Hectic footage revealed fans thrusting phones in her face in the impromptu knees up.

MC Pipokinha has been under a harsh spotlight for months after several controversial videos of her were leaked.

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She was filmed allowing a naked fan to go down on her while she was on stage and published a video showing her allowing two cats to suck on her nipples.

Brazil’s Public Prosecutor’s Office is understood to be investigating the 24-year-old for alleged zoophilia over the video, on the recommendation of Brazilian MP Matheus Araujo Laiola.

He said at the time: “We have just notified the Federal Police and the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the crime of mistreatment (zoophilia) practised by this person!”

On top of this, Doroth was seen role-playing as a child with a pacifier in her mouth in another disturbing clip.

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