‘Sickly’ Putin stands 70ft away from UK ambassador – comes up with mad excuse

Russian President Vladimir Putin stood a whopping 70ft away from the UK's new ambassador to Moscow during a recent ceremony.

And he gave a strange excuse for his distance, citing "sanitary reasons". Putin addressed the new ambassadors, including those from Germany and Australia, during a grand ceremony.

He said: "Unfortunately, for sanitary reasons, we cannot talk more, socialise. I hope that better times will come, not only in politics but also in health care, and we will be able to do so." He assured them that he, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and his assistant for international affairs Yuri Ushakov are always available.

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The ceremony took place in the grand Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and had the feel of a pandemic event, with Putin standing over 70ft away from the new ambassadors. However, recent photos show Putin much closer to people when there didn't seem to be any health concerns.

Upon arriving in Moscow, Casey made it clear to the Kremlin that Britain's priority was "ending the human suffering" caused by Putin in Ukraine. Speaking in Russian at his official residence, with the Kremlin in the background, he said: "Maintaining relations with the Russian government and the Russian people remains important to the UK, perhaps today more important than ever. Decisions taken by Russia matter not only for the UK, but the whole world."

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Relations between Britain and Russia have been strained due to Putin's decision to illegally invade Ukraine.

The Telegram channel General SVR made a shocking claim today, stating that it was a Putin lookalike who welcomed the ambassadors in Moscow. "The backup accepted credentials from the newly arrived ambassadors of foreign states," it revealed.

"The main reason for the double's 20 metre distance from the ambassadors is the deplorable state of the [body double's] face. 'Several small lumps have appeared on 'Putin's' cheekbones, which is why his face has acquired a lumpy appearance, and this problem can hardly be hidden with makeup. "As of yesterday, the double was more different than ever from the real Putin."

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