Sick ghosthunters investigating missing Nicola Bulley defend depraved séance

Sick ghost hunters have held a disgusting séance for missing mum-of-two Nicola Bulley as the armchair detectives continue their own, unhelpful investigations.

Nicola, 45, has been missing since Friday, January 27, but a handful of self-described ghost hunters have been blaming a "spirit" for sending "visions" to them.

One clip shown by The Real 4S Paranormal showed a team member ask some allegedly haunted toys "who took this lady, spirit?" and began prompting the toy to show if the mum-of-two was "still alive".

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Founder of the paranormal trio Tracey-Ann Clifford has since claimed it was the fault of the spirit for "sending their medium visions".

She has since shrugged off the outrage from those that find her and the paranormal team's actions distasteful, saying that others "in the field" are wanting answers on Nicola's whereabouts.

The inconsiderate post included a birds-eye shot of an abandoned house near the scene, telling police to "go back" as well as asking if the spirit "thinks it was arranged".

Insensitive footage has since been slammed by Lee Steer, 36, and his wife Linzi Steer, 53, who say they were "disgusted" with the ghost hunters.

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Linzi, a member of Ghosts Britain alongside husband Lee, said: "We don't know if she's dead or alive. It's absolutely terrible. I'm sick to my stomach that they would do that.

"I saw it and said to [my husband] Lee 'what the hell?' This woman who says she's a medium is sitting in a room full of doll and basically saying the dolls have information of where Nicola is.

"I thought this is so wrong. It's disgusting. There's no way we would ever do anything like that. They're not helping with the enquiry at all – they're not helping anyone."

Séance co-ordinator and ghost hunter Tracey has since defended her actions as she claimed her paranormal ways were just part of helping people get "answers".

Tracey said: "We didn’t expect these to get shared out like it has. We [didn't] do this sort of investigation, until now. We weren’t trying to be disrespectful as one of my posts does state, as I said, we have never done anything like this before.

"I don’t know what else to tell you but I think a lot of people in this field are trying to get answers. It's not about views and followers for us, it's about proving life after death."

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