Shoppers ‘rather concerned’ after spotting cheap butt plugs on Poundland shelves

Shoppers say they are "rather concerned" after discovering that Poundland is selling butt plugs.

An image of the surprise sex toys sat on supermarket shelves was shared on Reddit earlier this week, with people expressing their shock.

In the snap, six rows of black Nooky butt plugs appear on the top shelf near an array of vitamins.

They have also been stocked near to pregnancy tests, proving that Poundland really do cater to all sexual needs.

More still, some of the boxes appear to have been opened, leading one Reddit user to comment: "I was rather concerned about the opened packets."

Another person asked what the open boxes "say about the general public".

However, other people were on hand to explain why the boxes may have been opened.

One joked: "How else will you know if it is the correct size?" While second said: "I wonder where the shoplifters hid them? Up their a***. Clearly, up their a***."

The sex toys appear to be marked as selling for just £2, which some people found to be the most surprising aspect of the photo.

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One declared: "You really don't want to skimp on quality on butt plugs."

Another, more innocent Redditor asked: "Honest question – is a cheap butt plug like this genuinely dangerous or anything?

"Would think as long as it has the flared base to stop it getting lost, it's good to go."

Luckily, some sex toy experts were on hand and discouraged people from saving money on their butt plugs.

One explained: "There's very little regulation around sex toys, the materials could be toxic or just impossible to clean."

"A lot of cheaper toys use materials like phthalates," said another in agreement.

"So it's worth being quite particular, especially if you or your partner plan on getting pregnant."

Poundland actually introduced a selection of Nooky sex toys to its shelves last year ahead of Valentines Day, ranging from these butt plugs to clitoral vibrators and seven-inch dildos.

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