Shocking moment felon leaps from sixth floor as he tries to escape court after conviction for assaulting an elderly man

A CONVICTED ROBBER who was nabbed after leaving behind a half-eaten Oreo cookie – was caught on video leaping off a sixth-floor courthouse balcony in an attempt to break free from bondage after a judge sentenced him to four to six years in prison.

Donald Mullins, 44, was captured bursting into a CCTV frame wriggling free from two court officers’ grips and vaulting off the glass ledge only to land on the hard Franklin County Government Center lobby floor.

A bystander managed to videotape Mullins constricting on the floor which was a blood-splattered mess. 

A half-dozen court officers soon surround the wounded prisoner and after several minutes elapse, they recapture him. 

He reportedly suffered a fractured leg and was taken to Grant Medical Center after the attempted escape, WCMH reported.

More charges of escaping from custody will likely be tacked onto the man’s rap sheet along with the burglary and theft conviction that detectives cracked by linking DNA from one of his half-gobbled Oreo cookies.

Mullins was set to be sent away to prison for committing aggravated burglary and theft after duping an 82-year-old neighbor into loaning him funds to pay his outstanding electric bill.

He ended up being found guilty of robbery and a failure to appear charges, jail records show.

In January 2020, Mullins reappeared at the elderly man’s home with a pack of Oreo cookies. 

He munched a few before excusing himself to use the man’s bathroom. 

But Mullins was absent for a long clip. 

The homeowner went to look for him and discovered Mullins snooping around in his bedroom. 

Mullins then shoved the man to the ground and grabbed around $500 cash out of his pocket, WCMH reported.

Forensic testing on one of Mullin’s forsaken Oreos pinned him to the burglary of the man he suckered and secured his conviction.

Just after Judge Mark Serrott handed Mullins a prison sentence of four to five years, the convict reportedly pleaded with the judge to allow him some time to undergo surgery for some health issues. 

But the judge denied Mullins the medical reprieve, and instead terminated his bond and ordered him to be placed into custody.

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