Shameless TikTok fraud using AI to pretend to be ‘escaped’ Andrew Tate lures fans to con them out of cash | The Sun

A MASKED man appears to be harnessing AI to convince online users he is Andrew Tate in order to con them out of money.

"Dr Reality", as he calls himself, went viral on TikTok seemingly pretending to be the jailed influencer and is picking up where Tate left off – offering subscriptions to 'change people's lives'.

The real Andrew Tate, 36, is currently being held in a Romanian jail on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and organised crime.

Both have denied wrongdoing.

The controversial influencer has been stuck behind bars for more than two months with his brother Tristan since they were arrested on December 29, 2022.

The ex-kickboxer hasn't stayed silent in jail and recently sent a ranting email to his subscribers, encouraging them to pay for a subscription to his programme, The Real World.

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In a bizarre message, he claimed he has "created the best lessons on money making" while behind bars.

Tate added: "Even if you don't hear the word Tate, you see my influence everywhere."

His business encourages impressionable young fans to pay for a subscription with the twisted promise they could become rich.

However, the phony Andrew Tate has been using this promise to secure his own impressionable subscribers for get-rich-quick style schemes.

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In a Squid Game-like mask he suggests he is the real deal with one vital instrument seemingly at his disposal – AI technology to sound exactly like the influencer.

In his videos – now largely taken down – Dr Reality mimics the disgraced influencer's voice reportedly using AI and the same catchphrases and mantras that are quintessentially Tate.

In a now deleted video, the masked man says:“Hello my future millionaires. I have a very important message to tell you.

“I’m back. I’m finally back. I will not tell you where I am. If you think about it you probably realised who I am. We are starting from the beginning again."

"I'll teach you to make money, I'll make you to financially free, I'll change you mindset."

The account managed to garner over 270K followers, but has now been taken down.

A spokesperson from TikTok confirmed to The Sun Online that the account has been removed for violating community guidelines.

Yet, a similar account is lurking in the back corners of the TikTok recirculating similar videos, which offer schemes to "make money online for beginners".

"You can change," the mystery creator promises. "Let me teach you about modern wealth."

However, unlike the popular first account, whoever is behind the new Dr Reality has barely any attention on their videos.

In Romania, the real Andrew Tate continues to be holed up in a "hellhole" jail and has been moaning to his legion of followers about the "blistering cold" while being "locked in a box".

Andrew and Tristan, along with two female suspects, were detained in Bucharest by Romanian anti-organised crime prosecutors pending a criminal investigation on December, 29, 2022.

They are accused of recruiting women on social media platforms and persuading them to travel to their £600k villa on the outskirts of the country's capital.

The brothers would allegedly pretend to be in love with the young women, before making them perform sexual acts on webcams.

According to Romanian investigators, the women were forced to film porn videos in the compound and were kept under 24/7 house arrest.

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On February 21, Tate and his brother Tristan were given at least 30 more days behind bars after a successful appeal from Romanian authorities.

Despite their renewed bid for freedom on February 27, Tate and his brother will continue to be detained until March 29 on the grounds of protecting public order.

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