Seven chilling rules Ghislaine Maxwell 'gave staff' at Epstein's 'House of Sin' where paedo abused underage sex slaves

GHISLAINE Maxwell's trial has heard Jeffrey Epstein's alleged "madam" acted as the "Lady of the House" for the multimillionaire paedo.

And as part of that role, she is said to have handed out a 58 page rulebook to staff which included chilling instructions such as "see nothing, hear nothing".

Brit socialite Maxwell, 59, the former girlfriend of Epstein, faces six charges of sexual abuse and trafficking – allegations she denies.

Prosecutors claim she and Epstein were "partners in crime" in the paedo's trafficking and abuse web, but defence lawyers say she is being made "scapegoat" following his suicide.

The first week of her trial saw testimony from some of Epstein's former staff, the harrowing account from a victim, and famous names dropped such as Prince Andrew and Donald Trump.

Epstein's former housekeeper Juan Patricio Alessi, 71, who worked at the paedo's mansion in Palm Beach from 1990 to 2002 took the stand on day five.

And he revealed Maxwell once handed him a hefty booklet with a checklist detailing the tasks he was to carry out to "maintain the house" – something he said he found "degrading".

The book, which was submitted into evidence and was written by a "Countess", the court heard, was released showing yet more strict rules staff members were told to follow.

The massive booklet detailed every aspect of what the staff should do in Epstein's so-called "House of Sin" – his $22million mansion in Palm Beach.

But here are some of the most chilling instructions to staff who worked in the gilded liar of one of world's most notorious paedophiles.


Maxwell's alleged book of rules included one particularly chilling instruction in a section titled "grooming and guest relations".

It ordered staff to remember "you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing".

The rules state that workers may only speak when a specific question is directed at them.

"Unobtrusive is the key," it goes on.

Other instructions for communication include not discussing "personal problems" with guests.

And you must never address either Epstein, Maxwell or guests while you have your "hands in your pockets".

Staff were also urged to have an "aim to please" attitude as they were expected to "anticipate the needs" of all those in the mansion.


And another strange request was for staff instructed on how to prepare the master bedroom, requesting a gun was kept in the bedside table.

Air conditioning must be set at 60 degrees Fahrenheit with two lighted pens left on the tables alongside large and small notepads.

Staff also should put a box of tissues on each bedside table – which must be replaced if they are almost empty.


Staff preparing Epstein's vehicles were oddly commanded to make sure there was always $100 in the glove compartment of the property's vehicles.

And this should be alongside Epstein and Maxwell's telephone directories.

Epstein's large and small notepads with pens are also told the be left in the cars in the rulebook.


Strict instructions for personal presentation are also laid out in the guest relations section as appearance was deemed as "extremely important".

Staff are told to wear blue trousers with white golf shirts, and then long sleeved white shirts during dinner service.

Oddly, a very specific instruction is given in which "items in pockets must not create a bulge or be visible".

Chewing gum is also banned, along with "strong perfume or aftershave lotion".

And finally in the list of requirements, all staff are told simply to "SMILE!" in all capital letters and with an exclamation point.


Much of Epstein's abuse is believed to have centred around sexualised massages at this properties.

Some of his victims were lured in with the promise of becoming trained masseurs – such as high profile accuser Virginia Roberts.

And there are a lot of instructions in the rulebook about what to do with the paedo's massage tables.

Staff are instructions to wipe down and sanitise them – and are told to leave large blue towels out in the master bedroom "for massage".


And another section of lengthy rulebook lays out exactly how staff should address Epstein and Maxwell.

"What you say is as important as what you do. Your language must include good dictation and exclude swear words and slang," it reads.

Banned phrases and words include "yeah", "sure", "no problem", "you bet", "gotcha" and "I dunno".

More favourable phrases are listed such as "Yes, Mr" and "Of course, Ms".

Staff are urged to accept "justified criticism" with phrases like "I am very sorry" and "It was completely my fault".

Casual conversation, such as about the weather, is also banned "unless asked" for by those in the mansion.


Also discussing how staff should speak is a section detailing how they should answer the phone.

But as well as instructions on making sure staff didn't "slam down" the receiver and making sure all calls are answered within three rings, there are odder – more chilling rules.

"Unless otherwise instructed NEVER disclose Mr Epstein or Ms Maxwell's activities or whereabouts to anyone," it reads.

And it also tells them to bring any unusual calls to Maxwell – not Epstein – reading: "Advise Ms Maxwell of any strange telephone calls or enquiries."

Maxwell's trial continues.

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