‘Serial killer’ Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn ‘poisons 14 with cyanide after pals who loaned her money demanded it back’ | The Sun

A THAI "serial killer" has been charged with fourteen counts of murder after allegedly using cyanide to poison her victims.

Sararat Rangsiwuthaporn, 36, was arrested last week after an autopsy revealed her pal Siriporn Khanwong had the lethal substance inside her system when she died.

The two had met to release fish into a pier in Ratchaburi, Thailand before Siriporn collapsed and died on the riverbank.

Instead of assisting, Sararat is said to have abandoned her friend leaving bystanders to try and revive her.

Some of Siriporn's belongings including two phones, cash and an expensive handbag were also missing from the scene, according to local reports.

An autopsy carried out by Thai police revealed that the victim had indigested cyanide raising suspicions about her death.


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A complaint was also filed by the 32-year-old victim's mother and sister after police believe the poison was mixed into her food.

The shocking death prompted other families to come forward after their relatives mysteriously collapsed and died after meeting with Sararat.

The alleged victims include pals, an ex-partner and a police officer known to her – 12 were women while two were men.

The investigation now spans five provinces with cops fearing there could be even more victims.

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One woman believed to have been poisoned did survive after being given what Sararat described to her as cough medicine while shopping.

The pregnant 36-year-old has denied the charges against her while her police officer ex-husband Witoon Rangsiwuthaporn also faces fraud charges.

The two are divorced but were still living together at the time of the murders and share two children.

Police believe the killings to be financially motivated after Sararat began racking up huge credit card debts.

Deputy national police chief, Surachate Hakparn, said: "She asked people she knows for money because she has a lot of credit card debt …and if they asked her for their money back, she started killing them.

"She had poisoned all 15 victims with cyanide that was placed in drinking water, food or medicines in the form of capsules.

"Financial problems were the motive for carrying out the cyanide murders."

Police have urged families to come forward so they can investigate any other unexplained deaths that may be linked.

They especially asked for cases where victims were found with green marks on their hands or fingernails.

The alleged killer now faces 14 counts of premeditated murder and one count of attempted murder while cops fear there could be more victims.

Her ex-husband appeared at the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court where his temporary release was approved.

Witoon Rangsiwuthaporn, the deputy superintendent of the Suan Phueng station in Ratchaburi, has been fired from the force and charged with receiving stolen property, and jointly forging official documents.

Investigators sought an arrest warrant for the 39-year-old policeman after he was seen picking up his ex-partner following the death of her ex-boyfriend.

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The couple then took her ex's car to another province to use as loan collateral, it is alleged.

Rangsiwuthaporn mistress has also been questioned by cops over the murders after she was spotted with the pair, according to the Bangkok Post.

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