Sandy Hook dad has to wear disguise in interview after trolls threaten his life

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A bereaved dad whose child was slaughtered during the Sandy Hook Massacre has to be interviewed in a full disguise to protect himself from crazed conspiracy theorists.

Noah Pozner was only six years old when he was gunned down surrounded by his classmates during the horrific school shooting in December 2012.

He was the youngest of 20 children and six staff to be murdered at the elementary school by 20-year-old Adam Lanza.

The shooting has, since it first occurred, been targeted by conspiracy theorists who viciously claim that it never happened.

Trolls claim it was a stunt, using crisis actors, in a bid by Barack Obama to restrict gun control in the US.

Noah's dad Lenny Pozner has made multiple media appearances since the tragedy but he can no longer be interviewed naturally, having to don an extensive prosthetic face mask to protect himself from cruel conspiracists.

Wearing the prosthetics, he told 60 Minutes: “I was being attacked for the memory of my son. My son's very short life was being attacked, and I just wasn't going to stand for that.”

Pozner fought back against slanderous claims and has won settlements against those who spread damaging misinformation on social media.

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The grieving father has also campaigned for Facebook to remove posts about conspiracy theories, Mail Online reported.

In June 2017, 57-year-old Lucy Richards was handed a five month jail sentence for sending horrific and hateful messages to Pozner.

One read: “Death is coming to you real soon and nothing you can do about it.”

Then two years later Pozner won a defamation case following publication of a book that hurtfully claimed nobody was killed at the school.

Pozner was accused of faking his sons death certificate, before a judge found James H Fetzer and Mike Palecek guilty of defamation.

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Later that same year the host of InfoWars, Alex Jones, was ordered to shell out $100,000 in damages to Pozner, with another case against the presenter still ongoing.

It is Pozner’s stance to challenge his tolls that has made him a target for conspiracy theorist. He has had death threats and had to move house several times.

He said: “Conversations denying the tragedy. Accusing the government of staging it.

“That Noah did not die; that I'm not Noah's father. It all revolves around the notion that these are staged shootings, scripted events, that I'm an actor, that I'm paid, to fake the death of a child.”

Theories that Sandy Hook was a hoax have swirled since the tragedy took place. The perpetrator, Lanza, shot his mother before killing 26 victims at the school, and later committing suicide.

One bizarre theory even speculated that Lanza was drugged, hypnotised and turned into a ‘killing machine’.

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