Russian TV host blames Boris for mock nuclear attack report on Ireland ‘It will end badly’

Russia TV host responds to Ireland about nuclear strike on UK

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Russia’s TV broadcaster Dmitry Kiselyov has rejected Ireland’s Prime Minister’s demand for an apology over a broadcast graphic simulating a nuclear attack destroying Ireland. The broadcaster claims that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson started upping the ante two weeks ago when he allegedly threatened to strike Russia with nuclear weapons. And therefore, he should be the one apologising to Ireland’s Prime Minister Micheal Martin.

Speaking to Russian viewers, Dmitry Kiselyov said: “I completely agree that an apology should be forthcoming from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his groundless threat to strike Russia.

“But we’re not intimidating anyone.

“Talking about our capability has an anti-war modality.

The TV anchor alleged Boris Johnson issued a “provocative and absolutely groundless hypothesis” in saying that Russia could use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine.

“And after that, in response, and without consulting NATO, Britain would strike Russia”, the Russian TV host continued

“It’s clear that Boris Johnson, having simulated a Russian nuclear attack, was also threatening us specifically with a nuclear strike in revenge.

“We had to say then that the whole British archipelago is basically a sinkable island.

“And Russia has every capability for such a nuclear retaliation.

“And Ireland literally flew into rage.”

Prime Minister Martin said: “It’s very sinister, intimidatory type tactics by the Russian federation but I don’t think anyone’s going to be intimidated by it

“I think it reflects a mindset that is worrying and not in touch with reality.

 “I think there should be an apology forthcoming”, Prime Minister Matin added.

Russian TV’s Dmitry Kiselyov threatened to “sink the British Isles” two weeks ago, prompting Prime Minister Martin’s response.

“Of course, as a neutral country, it wasn’t nice for Ireland to become collateral damage in Britain’s clash with Russia”, the Russian TV host said. 

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“That said, the Irish premier held his ground firmly.

“Let us remind you, it was a threat made to us from London.

Mr Kyselyov concluded: “As they say, let’s not start.

“It will end badly.

“It’s better to live in peace.”

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