Russian trapeze artist falls 16ft to ground after missing husband’s arm in stunt

A trapeze artist fell 16ft to the ground leaving the circus crowd screaming in horror after witnessing the shocking accident.

Tatyana Zolotukhina hit the circus ring when attempting a risky routine with husband and co-performer Sergey Zolotukhin while parents and children looked on in terror.

Tatyana failed to catch Sergey's hand during the stunt and was left hospitalised after suffering a 16ft drop during the circus performance in Russia.

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A chilling silence followed Tatyana's plummet to the ground before her husband rushed to her aid and carried her from the venue.

While Sergey carried his injured wife from the ring, the pair left the arena to applause as Tatyana appeared to be conscious before her departure to the hospital.

Undergoing an MRI scan shortly after her fall, it was confirmed by medics that she had suffered a broken wrist with fears of a fractured spine.

The married couple performed the new trapeze act called 'Flame' with no safety netting that took two years of rehearsing according to Tatyana.

She took to social media where she said she suffered "scars, bruises, fear and much more behind the scenes" during the rehearsal of the death-defying act.

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Edgard Zapashny, the general director of the Great Moscow State Circus, said that Tatyana "fell from the height of five metres while performing a complicated and dangerous trick".

He added: "She has a wrist fracture, and possibly a compression fracture of the spin, the circus director is at the hospital with her.

"The artist is conscious and is moving around independently."

The Filatov circus confirmed that: "The health of the performer is now not in danger and she will soon return to the arena."


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