Russia jet plummets from sky after Ukrainian defence forces shoot it down – VIDEO

Russian helicopter is shot down by Ukrainian forces

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A two-manned Russian jet was allegedly shot down as it flew over the Kharkiv region, footage shared on social media has shown. In the video, the jet can be seen plummeting at high speed towards the ground after reportedly being hit by Ukraine’s defence forces, who have been fiercely defending the area since the invasion two weeks ago. The Russian plane turned into a fireball after being struck, leaving behind a trail of black smoke as it approaches land.

Additional footage shows the two pilots also heading for the ground after having deployed their parachutes.

Sharing the video on his Twitter page, journalist Julian Röpcke said: “Izyum in the Kharkiv region this morning. Russian jet shot down.

“Two pilots on parachutes on the way down.”

Russia was reportedly surprised by Ukraine’s resistance to its invasion and expected to make substantial advances within days of crossing the border.

But Kyiv’s forces have replied in kind to the hostility, causing considerable damage to Moscow’s arsenal and slowing down its forces’ attempts to take over the nation.



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