Rip off restaurant bills tourist hefty £450 for ‘super salty’ crab and calamari

A tourist has lashed out at a “rip-off” restaurant in Mykonos, Greece after it surprised her with a £450 bill. 

Amber Pace said she will never return to the popular island again after her expensive visit to DK Oyster. 

As part of the visit, she was charged £245 for a plate of king crab legs and calamari. 

Ms Pace, an assistant manager from New York, was travelling around Greece in May with her friend Aubrey.

They decided to spend the day at DK Oyster without knowing its terrible reputation for allegedly ripping off tourists.

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The pair were rocked by a £450 bill after ordering two drinks and just two appetisers.

Amber said: “I just saw the price £17 (€20) for the fried calamari I got and my friend got the king crab legs that said £28 (€32).

“I told our server three times ‘please make sure it is the £17 (€20) one, I don’t want anything more than that’ and he kept saying he understood.

Talking to The Sun, she added: “We got our food and it was disgusting. Even before we knew the prices.”

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Ms Pace says her calamari was rubbery, without flavour, and that her friend’s crab legs were “super salty”.

After the meal, they were given a paper receipt showing £85 for fried calamari and £160 for king crab legs, leaving the pair fuming.

The pair said they were first attracted by DK Oyster after being told the sunbeds were free if you buy a drink.

Ms Pace ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri while Aubrey ordered a Pina Colada.

The girls returned to the venue the following day after being taken aback by a £450 bill for two cocktails, two appetisers and a 10 percent service fee.

The manager, who Ms Pace called “downright rude”, dismissed their complaints and blamed them for not paying attention.

She concluded: “Horrible experience and that place gives Mykonos a bad name. We looked the place up after everything and it has warning flags on all travel websites because they’re known for ripping tourists off horribly.

“I never want to step foot in Mykonos again because of that experience.”

Yesterday (6 August), one TripAdvisor user left the following review: “Unbelievable rip off !! they trick you in, hide taxes and real prices, serve dreadful awful food and then present you with bills that are outrageous!!!!… they bring shame in the beautiful people and country of Greece.”

DK Oyster have been contacted by for comment.

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