Residents left with ‘broken sleep’ due to gangs of sex-mad foxes invading lawns

Locals in a quiet neighbourhood say that sex-mad urban foxes have been keeping them up at night for more than two years.

Loud noises coming from the mating mammals have been blamed for an escalating noise pollution problem in the desirable area of Maida Vale in London.

Video footage shows packs up to a dozen foxes 'invading' people's gardens in the early hours of the morning.

The bushy-tailed bonkers are reportedly also causing a stink by pooing on their lawns.

Long-time resident Steve Wilcox, who has lived in Maida Vale since 1987, says the problems continue throughout the year and have been severely affecting the amount of shut-eye he gets each night.

He told My London: “It’s throughout the year. If they’re not giving birth to cubs they are conceiving cubs.

“It started about two-and-a-half years ago. I have had broken sleep every single night since then. I have felt alienated and invaded."

He has now chosen to splash out on an expensive fence to keep the foxes away from his garden, as he says he is often awoken by animals "the size of a dog" rustling around or "squabbling" under his window.

An advice sheet issued by Westminster City Council advises people not to allow foxes to make themselves at home in their gardens.

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It reads: “You may believe the quality of life is actually enhanced by the presence of foxes in our city.

“However, please take in to account your neighbours when permitting or encouraging foxes on your land.”

Actions that residents can take to keep them at bay includes not leaving food outside, removing items that could give shelter and sealing garden sheds that do not touch the ground.

The Daily Star has approached Westminster City Council for comment.

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