Realtor is slammed for video of $1M Manhattan studio with bed in wall

‘$1m for a Murphy bed?!’ Realtor is slammed for gushing video of seven-figure Manhattan studio with bed hidden in wall and huge pillar in center of room

  • A studio apartment in Manhattan with a folding bed in the wall was listed for $1M
  • The real estate agent that shared a video was berated by unimpressed viewers
  • While many disliked the bed the agent said a 1-bed conversion would be easy

An estate agent has sparked outrage after posting a video advertising a studio apartment for sale in midtown Manhattan for $1 million.

The video, uploaded by real estate marketplace StreetEasy, boasts ‘1,100 square-foot of living space’ and 13-foot ceilings in the property, but viewers were quick to point out it still had a bed that folded into the wall.

‘Imagine you pay 1 million dollar and have to have a Murphy bed,’ wrote one person in the comments.

The apartment was set up to be a single ‘open concept living/dining/kitchen area’

As the space was set up as a studio, the bed was hidden behind a panel (pictured). Many social media users were quick to point out that they wouldn’t settle for a Murphy bed in a $1 million-dollar property

The agent justified the lack of a real bed in the million-dollar NYC apartment, saying the ‘open concept living/dining/kitchen area makes the space feel open airy’.

They went on to say ‘three expansive windows let in tons of sunlight’ and that the kitchen had ‘stone countertops stainless steel appliances’.

The industrial apartment also featured a staircase that led up to a mezzanine level, which was set up as a study.

But the viewers were not convinced. Some noted it had a pillar in the middle of the room and others disliked that it was on West 42nd St. – one of major Manhattan’s two-lane streets.

‘Not worth it for a Murphy bed and a column in the middle of the room. Where are you getting the square footage from? Because I don’t see it,’ said one person.

‘And everyone loves living right on 42nd St?’ said another, facetiously.  

The agent who had listed the property for sale pointed out that it has 13-foot ceilings

The apartment had a mezzanine level that increased its ‘living space’ to 1,100 square-foot

A mezzanine level had been incorporated into the space in order to increase the effective living space and make use of the high ceilings

The real estate agent said that although it was currently a studio apartment it could be readily changed into a 1-bed with a proper bedroom

But the real estate agent hit back and defended the list price with the suggestion that the studio apartment could be readily changed into a 1-bed with a proper bedroom.

‘There are already architectural drawings to make the sleeping area a proper 1 bedroom. These sellers preferred the open floorplan option. It’s an easy change,’ they wrote in the replies. 

‘It’s an easy change and although NYC real estate is pricy, this is comparatively a lot of space for the money here!’

The apartment is just a stone’s throw from the chaos of Times Square, also on 42nd St., in the Hell’s Kitchen. It’s known for being dense with crowds of theatre-goers and tourists soaking in the bright lights.

Fortunately for the agent it wasn’t all hate. ‘Not gonna lie, actually yes. I mean, 42nd street is a mess but I don’t mind the mess. That’s just my personal opinion,’ one person said.

‘Love the space but not a fan of 42nd St.,’ said another.

One person said that in comparison with the other options in New York City it wasn’t all that bad. ‘This is only nice compared the crummy as apartments everyone else in the city is forced to fit into.. otherwise this is nothing special,’ they said. 

‘$1MM for the property… the tax, HOA fee and insurance. Waaaay too expensive!’ 

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