Queen’s security tightened at Windsor Castle as 2,500-ft no-fly zone approved

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Security for the Queen and the Royal Family has been tightened as a "no-fly order" around Windsor Castle has been ordered.

Thames Valley Police announced the news that the 2,500-foot order will come into effect on January 27, banning aircraft and drones passing.

The tightened security around Windsor Castle, first reported by The Sun, will make it an offence to fly within 1.4 miles of the castle walls.

The surge in security measures comes after an intruder with a crossbow broke into the grounds on Christmas Day.

Her Majesty has spent almost all of the past two years living in her private apartments there due to Covid-19 restrictions.

In a statement released by Thames Valley Police, they said: "A restricted airspace order has been approved for Windsor.

"The order restricts the use of airspace up to 2,500ft within a 1.25 nautical mile radius around Windsor Castle and will come into effect from 27 January 2022.

"Any flights within the restricted area will require authorisation."

Further notes show that the security order around Windsor is "in the public interest" and for the protection of the Royal Family.

The notes said: "In view of the need for security for the members of the Royal Family staying at or visiting Windsor Castle, and at the request of the security services, the Secretary of State considers that it is in the public interest to restrict flying in the vicinity of that location."

Restrictions, according to the updated security restrictions, do not include aircraft "making an approach to or departing from London Heathrow Airport" or from Royal Air Force Northolt.

There are also special restrictions for aircraft operated by members of the Royal Family, the National Police Air Service, Helicopter Emergency Services and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Fighter jets will be scrambled if a plane breaches the zone and fails to respond to warnings on the radio.

Cops who protect the castle and its grounds 24/7 will be given more powers to stop and prevent illegal drones as well.

The new regulation, managed by Air Traffic Control, is called a 'restriction of flying regulations under the Air Navigation Order'.

The monarch has spent most of the pandemic at the Castle, with late husband Prince Philip in 2020 before he passed away last April.

Buckingham Palace is undergoing a huge refurb and Her Majesty is known to have visited Sandringham briefly only twice.

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