Putin’s ‘naked general’ caught in STRIPPING SCANDAL is blamed for humiliating strike that destroyed £270m spy plane | The Sun

AS PUTIN continues to mourn the loss of his £274million spy plane in Belarus, the man being blamed for it online has caused more humiliation for Vlad.

A video of Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Russian Ground Forces Alexander Matovnikov dancing in the nude has gone viral online.

He's been blamed by many online for the humiliating attack on a Russian spy plane worth millions.

Known as a perpetual "ladies man", Alexander can be seen shimmying around wearing nothing but a white towel.

He shockingly drops the towel to show off his manhood and behind before smirking and continuing to dance.

Viewers of the video online were shocked at the Russian commander's raunchy actions.


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Putin’s £274m spy plane ‘destroyed by drones’ at Russian air base in Belarus

One commented: "Some things you can't unsee…"

Another said: "The Russian army reveals itself!"

Some are blaming Alexander for "taking his eye off the ball" following a £274million Beriev A-50U jet blown up in a sabotage attack outside of Minsk.

Local anti-government activists who oppose the war in Ukraine claimed responsibility for destroying the war plane, in a massive blow to Putin.

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They used modified commercial drones bought at a shop to ambush the Machulishchy air base, opposition leaders said.

Belarus reportedly closed its borders to stop the culprits fleeing after yesterday's surprise attack.

But they were already safely out of the country, said Alexander Azarov, head of the ByPol opposition movement.

The early warning surveillance jet – one of only six in Russia's fleet – had arrived in Belarus on January 3.

The sabotage attack is said to be the work of Belarus "partisans" who oppose dictator Aleksander Lukashenko's decision to let Putin use the country as a staging post for war.

ByPol said the high-tech plane was badly damaged and “definitely won’t fly anywhere”.

There have been several reported sabotage attacks in Belarus since last year's invasion, many targeting railway supply routes.

But the drone attack is the most spectacular and echoes previous attacks by Ukrainian resistance fighters on air bases in occupied Crimea.

In another humiliation for Putin, nuclear bombers used to blitz Ukraine were also blown up by drones at Engels 2 base deep inside Russia.

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