Putin’s evil plans exposed as Russia releases hundreds of deadly mines into Black Sea

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Some four to six hundred mines were thrown into Ukraine’s sea zone by Russia, Sergey Bratchuk, a spokesperson for the Odesa Regional Military Administration, said on Telegram. Stormy weather brought some of these to the surface, with NATO mine-hunting warships discovering the mines as far away as the territorial waters of Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania, the official added.

Mr Bratchuk’s claims follow a similar statement earlier this month, when he said: “Russia planted mines in the Black Sea in early March, they admitted.

“I saw the number of 420 such explosive devices.

“Some experts even give 600.

“I understand that the relevant measures were taken by our defence forces.”

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Sea mines pose a serious challenge to Odesa’s six-kilometre beach waterfront, where tourists usually flock in the summer season, which officially starts on June 1.

Mr Bratchuk said the sea and land mines deployed by Moscow pose a threat to visitors, who would normally spend the warm months in the region’s cafés, hotels and restaurants, for whom travellers are an essential part to business.

He told the News24 television channel: “We will need to de-mine our beaches and waters, before that (opening beaches to tourists without limits).

“We’ve already had incidents when the current has brought sea mines to our beaches… the Russians threw the mines into the Black Sea.”

He added: “The moment we can, we will do it (clear Odesa beaches).

“But the resort season right now, to put it mildly, is under threat.

“It won’t take place in the normal way like we’re used to.

“We have to make sure our citizens are safe as the first priority.”


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