Psychic who’s found missing people says Nicola Bulley cops won’t listen to him

A psychic detective who has located missing persons in the past says police hunting for Nicola Bulley have ignored his offers to help in the search for the missing mum.

That is, despite the fact he has successfully found missing persons in the past – down to their exact coordinates – and believes he could do the same again.

German clairvoyant Michael Schneider says he has solved at least 25 missing persons cases since he started aiding investigations on a voluntary basis in 2006.

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The former journalist, who says the power was passed down to him by his grandfather, spoke to the Daily Star about how he finds missing people.

He told us: "I look at a photo of the missing person or animal and ask myself to God whether the creature is dead or alive and get an answer through my inner voice that is almost always correct."

His offer comes after diving firm Specialist Group International (SGI) failed to find Nicola when they were drafted in earlier this week to aid Lancashire Police divers with high-tech sonar equipment.

Schneider continued: "I have communicated my supernatural inspiration to the police and the private search team via a British correspondent in Germany, who has known me for a long time and also appreciates my work, on and since February 5, 2023 and then communicated it myself.

"Apparently there was no interest, because I never received any response to my friendly and free offer of help."

The so-called seer said that police attitudes towards people like him tend to differ abroad, where psychic tips are more often looked into.

He said: "My impression of police authorities in Europe is that they usually (exceptions confirm the rule) accept these tips , but don't take them so seriously and if they do, they don't want a seer to take the butter off their bread and always want to win and reap the laurels themselves.

"If the police are wrong, that's no problem, if a seer is wrong, then he's a charlatan. If a seer is right, then it was a coincidence, a guess, or coincidentally coincided with the results of the police investigation."

In one of his most well-documented cases, Schneider provided coordinates for a woman who went missing in Padenstedt, Germany, in 2021, some 397 kilometres away from where he lived at the time.

She was found just 235 metres from where he said, as reported by JV.

He pinpointed exactly where couple Peter Neumair, 63, and Laura Perselli, 68, would be found after they vanished from their home in Bolzano, Italy, in January 2021.

According to The Sun, he was able to help police locate another missing woman within 36 hours.

The Daily Star has contacted Lancashire Police for comment.

Their main working hypothesis remains that Nicola fell into the River Wyre on January 27.

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