Prince William lets ‘dominant Princess Charlotte’ be ‘assertive’, says expert

Prince William is said to have given young Princess Charlotte some leeway in being "dominant" and "assertive," a royal expert has claimed.

A video filmed in support of the Lionnesses ahead of their 2-1 victory over Germany in the Euro 2020 Final saw the Duke of Cambridge and seven-year-old daughter Charlotte centre stage.

Their support of the team and subsequent message of good luck was, to one expert, a telling sign of Prince William's parenting tactics as the clip went viral.

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A body language expert has claimed that Will is often "besotted" when talking about his daughter, who he is leaving room for as she is "growing up".

Expert Judi James said: "William’s body language as he talks about his daughter is bashful, self-effacing, playful and, of course, besotted.

"He keeps his head down and raises one hand as though allowing or acknowledging a sense of dominance from Charlotte.

"This is of course a joke, but which hints at her growing confidence that we saw at the Jubilee celebrations where she was busy correcting her brothers and even checking out Camilla’s handbag.

"William is clearly allowing for the fact that his daughter is growing up and learning to be assertive and we can see the pride on his face along with the more playful expression."

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The parenting style appears to be similar to that of brother Prince Harry, who James said shared a rather unique trait, Daily Express reported.

James continued: "William and Harry share this trait of ongoing, very open affection for their children which, although it is common among all dads, might be more unusual with royals.

"Royals will often prefer to be more private about their emotions as parents. It seems to have been taken from Diana’s example of parenting.

"Harry clearly idolises his two children, referring to them at every opportunity. Both brothers seem to have been transformed in some ways by their roles as fathers, keen to discuss the legacy they will be leaving their children."

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