Potatoes could be ultimate ‘miracle’ hangover cure as boffins create milk drink

The humble spud could soon be crowned the ultimate cure for hangover.

Boffins have created a “miracle” potato milk drink that is said to help ease the after effects of a boozy night in just 30 minutes.

The incredible discovery was made by inventors who created a liquid made up of raw potato juice, spring water and ground up seaweed.

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Richard H. Davis, President and CEO of Beverage Marketing USA and Nautilus Mineral Waters of America, said the drink works by “reducing enteric methane which helps the liver block the reabsorption of alcohol”.

The potato milk was tested on lab rats, with the trial so successful that the drink is set to be made available in the United States within the next month.

The inventor said: “Our studies on lab rats who were given catalase, the naturally occurring enzyme found in raw potato juice, sharply reduced the amount of blood alcohol levels in the study rats.

Currently, the spud-tacular hangover cure is being tested in a clinical research study in Idaho. Finding participants to drink free beer should not be a problem.”

Experts have previously hailed potato milk as the future. Growing potatoes uses 56% less water than producing cow’s milk, almond milk, oat or soy making it a perfect alternative to save the environment and for conservation purposes.


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