Portland protesters burn American flags in dramatic pics as Trump vows ‘clean-up of anarchists and agitators’

DONALD Trump said federal agents will not leave Portland unless local police “complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators” as the city’s protests continued Friday.

Over the last 60 days, the president has declared that Portland has been overrun with “thugs” and “rioters,” as Trump ordered federal agents into the city to bring “law and order.”

In a tweet, Trump said, “Homeland Security is not leaving Portland until local police complete cleanup of Anarchists and Agitators!”

Just after midnight, protesters in Portland began starting fire on the street where the federal courthouse is located, which started with burning a bible, then an American flag.

Members of the Moms United for Black Lives Matter, put out the fire as an attempt to keep the protests peaceful.

Despite Trump’s response, on Thursday federal officers withdrew from the city, a deal that state officials hope will continue to ease tensions as the city tries to move on from months of chaotic nightly protests.

Friday’s overnight protest mimicked that of Thursday, which was the first time in weeks that demonstrations ended without any major confrontations, violence or arrests with police.

In early July, Trump declared that agents would be sent to Portland to quell protests, which he declared were “out of control.”

But the clash between protesters and federal agents became more violent often ending with demonstrators being pepper sprayed and even put into unmarked vehicles.

On Wednesday, Governor Kate Brown announced that all federal agents would depart Portland and be replaced by Oregon State Police beginning Thursday.

Since then, there have been no visible signs of any federal law enforcement presence outside the Mark O Hatfield Federal Courthouse.

“Last night, the world was watching Portland,” Brown said in a tweet on Friday.

“Here’s what they saw: Federal troops left downtown. Local officials protected free speech. And Oregonians spoke out for Black Lives Matter, racial justice, and police accountability through peaceful, non-violent protests.”

The fence that has separated protesters and US agents stationed at the courthouse was decorated with balloons and upside down American flags sewn together with BLM painted across, referencing the Black Lives Matter movement.

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