Police raid Covid rave in soundproof room after neighbours spot fleet of taxis

An illegal rave full of Class A drugs was stormed by police after being reported by a neighbour.

Officers shut down the party with more than 50 guests after a member of the public saw around a dozen people arriving at the venue by taxi.

The event was held in a soundproof room above shops on Erdington High Street in Birmingham and also featured a DJ, disco lights, beer and a birthday cake.

Police entered the rave at around 11:30pm on Thursday 18th February and the alleged organiser was arrested after refusing to give their details.

In accordance with current lockdown guidelines, the party-goers could face a fine of up to £10,000.

In body camera footage, one officer can be heard saying: “I don't know why you've all put your masks on now? It's a bit late isn't it."

Later on that night, the same police force shut down another party after spotting flashing lights and loud music.

It is thought those in attendance turned the lights out when they realised officers were outside, with one woman even answering the door in her dressing gown.

But after being questioned about why she would be wearing fake eyelashes and jewellery to bed, the police followed her into the party that was being streamed live on Instagram.

Although some guests were allowed to go home, three people were arrested after allegedly assaulting the police officers on duty.

  • Partygoers claim they are 'working filming a music video' after being raided by police

In relation to the two incidents, ACC Chris Todd said: “Our officers don't get any enjoyment out of spoiling people's fun.

"They are simply trying to keep people safe and reduce the spread of the virus. Where one person might be asymptomatic with the virus, the next might become seriously ill or worse.

"People who go to these events need to know that they could be spreading the disease without knowing it, or even picking it up while they are out and then bringing it home to loved ones.

"These breaches are likely to prolong the duration of this pandemic for everyone. Most people are doing their bit, and we are grateful to them for making our jobs easier and saving lives."

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