Plumbing tycoon Charlie Mullins drives his Rolls onto a bollard

Unexpected blockage! Pimlico Plumbers tycoon Charlie Mullins drives his Rolls Royce onto a bollard – and the stuck car has to be removed by a breakdown truck

  • Roller – with its personalised number plate CH4RLE – gets stuck in London
  • Multi-millionaire has to call a taxi for him and his fiancée Ra-Ra Leavesley
  • TV shows in the pipeline for the entrepreneur-turned-media personality 

Pimlico Plumbers multi-millionaire Charlie Mullins and his fiancée Rachel ‘Ra-Ra’ Leavesley ended up high and dry when they encountered a blockage and he drove his Rolls Royce onto a bollard.

The former boss and founder of the multi-million pound plumbing empire said he tried to let another car past during the traffic chaos caused by closures and diversions in London’s West End at the weekend for a cycle race.

But not having noticed the bollard and driven over it, the Roller, with its distinctive personalised number plate CH4RLE, became firmly stuck and had to be removed by breakdown truck.

‘I was taking [Ra-Ra] to an appointment in Dover Street and had to take one road as loads of roads were shut for Ride London,’ said Charlie, 70.

‘A Jeep was coming in the opposite direction. There were some vehicles parked up and I thought the gap was a bit tight so I moved over to let him through.

Charlie Mullins is pictured with his Rolls Royce, which has a distinctive number plate

‘Next thing I knew I was jammed up on the bollard. Luckily, I was going really slowly or else I guess the car could have shot up in the air.

‘We tried to reverse off but it was stuck! The only thing to do was call for someone to come and tow it away.

‘We waited around and it did seem to give people a laugh that this Rolls Royce was stuck on a bollard.

‘The guy driving the Jeep stopped to make sure we were all right and I told him it was fine.

‘Eventually the breakdown truck arrived and we decided the Roller wasn’t safe to drive.

The couple eventually took a taxi home. 

The damage occurred after the entrepreneur tried to allow another vehicle to pass his Roller

Worth an estimated £70m, Charlie was philosophical about his expensive brush with London’s street furniture.

‘It’s going into Rolls Royce for repairs today, so I don’t know what the damage will be. It doesn’t seem to be too bad but it will probably cost a few quid.

‘I drive along there a few times a month and I have never even noticed the bollard. A guy there said quite a few motors have ended up stuck on it.

‘It’s a bit annoying but there you are, it is what it is!’

The entrepreneur has other things on his mind after popping the question to singer Rachel, 32, last year, in what will be his third marriage.

The couple live together in a £10 million Thames-side apartment in London. Mullins sold Pimlico Plumbers last year and is now pursuing a career as a media personality

He said: ‘People do recognise me for the hair these days and call me Rod (after Rod Stewart) which I don’t mind at all.’

Mullins has just filmed a pilot for a show called the Naked Millionaire, in which he has to build a business from scratch, while there is also a possible reality TV show in the pipeline with him and his fiancée.

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